Our main products

Thompson Raisins


brown to dark brown color

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Goldens Raisins


light yellow to golden color

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Orange River Raisins

Orange River

Light amber to light green color

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Western Province Raisins

Western Province

brown to dark brown color

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Flame Raisins


dark brown to darker brown color

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Welcome to The Raisin Company

We are pleased to meet you via our web-site and that is a good reason to introduce ourselves:

TRC BROCHURE 1 HomeThe Raisin Company (Pty) Ltd., was basically founded in 1997. That means meanwhile more than 25 years of experience in producing raisins and it is our goal to do so for many, many more years. One can say that after so many years, one feels at home between the workers, the farmers and the whole society of Kakamas, Marchand along the borders of the Orange-river. The question could be: why should a group of Dutchman start a raisin-factory in South Africa.The answer is simple: being active for 40/50 years in the nut- and dried fruit business, it is clear that the best fruit, worldwide, finds its basis in South Africa and with the knowledge that the world goes more and more for the better qualities, specially in the food-sector, we are sure that we can have a strong contribution in that respect and not in the last place because of the tremendous support from the society over there.