Dear Readers,

Slowly, slowly the deliveries of the current crop are drying up. Although the quality of the later part of the crop is genuinly better than the sultanas, as they started coming in 6 weeks ago, it will not change the impression that the crop, as such, is a disappointing one. Not only the quality but also the quantities (good or bad) are very disappointing.

Unfortunately there are no specific figures thus far but we dare say that the total quantity will not come easily over 35.000 tons. Compared to last year, these factors are disasterous for the growers.

If one is dividing the above-mentioned quantity over the various packers, in proportion of what they normally take in, it is not so difficult to notice that it shall not be enough.
Despite these disappointing facts and figures, the market, so far, did not really react in an upward trend. How come??

The important question therefore is now: did the prospective buyers already feel/know that the quality was not that perfect as in previous years or is the knowledge that more suppliers (think of a.o. Iran) are in the market with competitive prices another obstacle?
These are all question-marks.
As we have already indicated in our previous report we can only stress that South Africa has to do everything possible to keep its qualities high so that buyers will return to the premium quality which South Africa has been delivering for so many years and together with a premium quality a premium- price follows automatically.

For the sake of good order we like to mention that prices in Turkey are extremely competitive with levels not seen for some time, due to earlier mentioned prices from Iran for a similar produce.

We have been noticing that quite suddenly the Rand has left its downward trend and is getting firmer day by day. What the impact will be on the South African raisin market is to be seen.