Dear Readers,

Most of the bins have been picked up by the majority of the farmers and the next point will be when they start to bring in the merchandise,

Goldens as well as Thompsons, whereby Thompson shall be the bulk, we suppose..
We have full confidence that the quality will be in good order. More important will be the definite pricing at that particular moment and what is connected with same, is the question what will do the South African Rand against the USA Dollar.

Questionmarks, questionmarks.

Of course we all hope, at which side you might stand, that the quality will be good and even more than good, not to say perfect because and we should not forget that most of South African raisns will go to the United States this year, we assume and it could do a lot of good as promotion of the South African raisin for the future. We can all benefit from it.

It will be logic that when the demand is bigger than the supply, prices will go higher
but again we should not become too expensive, if we want to keep these possible buyers/markets into the direction of South Africa..

A pretty good example is the market of goldens.
Because of the high prices, it took the attention of other countries and since it does not ask for a very high technology to come, quality-wise, close in our direction, goldens will, in the near future, place its role a price-market as well.

We have said it before, South African raisins should be kept the number ONE in the world and the solution is TOP-QUALITY.