Dear Readers,

first of all we would like to wish you, your colleagues and families a happy new year!!!!!


We kindly ask you to read again our last bulletin (23 of december oflast year) under the heading NEWS in our WEB-SITE of The Raisin
Company regarding the new crop.

In actual fact the situation did not chance and we could just repeat it

Although we had some, say some, reverse weather-conditions during the
last week, in general we still look forward to a great crop.

Having said that before, we are all facing this season, the strong
competition of countries like Turkey and the more Iran.
Turkey is selling its rasisins nrs 8/9 and 10 in the vacinity of
roughly USD 1250/1300.- per mton because Turkey, simply said, had a bumper
crop and on top of that the Lira lost meanwhile another 10% over the last two months

Even worse is the fact that IRAN is offering its golden raisins at
prices as low as USD 1800.- per mton.

We have said it before: of course South African Raisins wil make a
reasonable premium over other origins but everybody will understand
that even fair premiums will not shape a situation whereby we can sell
our raisins at levels like last year.
Such this situation does not make us all very happy but we are bound
to acccept it, unfortunately.

Let’s face it: This is the law of the almighty MARKET.

One can try to find all kind of reasons or arguments but that shall
never be able to bridge such sort of differences.
Whatever we feel, think, wish, the Market is the Boss. (Simply a
matter of Supply and demand)!!!!