Dear Readers,

In our last bulletin we noticed already that, this season, tonnage-wise, there should be enough new crop raisins. in the various growing areas/countries.
The logic conclusion should be that, generally speaking, there are, obviously, only reasons to see prices decrease
Of course we must always stipulate, in this respect, that one quality is not automatically similar to the other. In other words prices can vary strongly.
At the Sial, in Paris, this week, there were, logically, already quite some packers from several countries, active to show their merchandise and trying to find a home for them.
The general price-tendency, as we have explained above already, was rather buyers-friendly than opposite, to put it unbiased.

Although the grapes in South Africa shall still be more than two months on the vines, anyway, price-tendencies were spread around already at the SIAL-fair in Paris.
Having noticed the prices which are mentioned for Iranian goldens it is hard to make up any serious price-indications for the up-coming South African crop, from our side.
As we have to say everytime: …….”time will learn”.

With last year’s experience we feel it is more realistic to wait and see what will happen in the months to come.

Good, sunny weather with some soft rains, from time to time, without any nightfrost, will possibly bring an undoubtedly nice crop and prices should automatically diminish. This need not be dramatic for the farmers, as long as the percentage of choice-quality is way up in comparison with last season. whereas adverse weather could spoil again the expected good outcome and will henceforth lead to price-increasements.

Here again: prices for the farmers may be higher in such case but the low percentage of choice-grade might bring them in the end less money.

These uncertainties are witholding us, as packers, to come out with prices, right now.
This is the reason that we have to wait a little bit longer before we shall be “out on the market”
Only after we have seen, with our own eyes, how the upcoming crop is developping and depending on this outcome, we shall, from there, take an accountable risk and will come out with our price-indications for goldens (Bolds, mediums, and jumbos), together with Thompsons, O.R ‘s and W.P.s.

We request you to follow our web-site sharply because if something special might occur we will give notice immediately