Dear Readers,

Although we are still in the middle of on-going deliveries from farmers, we can imagine how the end of the intake will be.

As we have been saying in our last bulletin, the majority of the raisins are Thompson and Golden mediums, for which, we should not forget is the highest demand.

Of course we shall take deeply in mind that special buyers still are very enthousiastic about real golden jumbos and are prepared to pay a fair price for same.

With a dreadful situation, not changed for the better in California and obviously enough question-marks will remain about the new crop in Turkey and other surrounding countries, we foresee that also in the rest of the year prices will remain undoubtedly on a high side than we have seen a year before.

Meanwhile, we should not forget that we must reckon that next season crops might have achieved again to come to former/normal traditional tonnages and for sure prices will, if that is what shall normally happen, decrease again to more reasonable/wellknown levels.

Meanwhile, we once more will repeat our view that the market will stay stable until at least August/September, (maybe longer) of this year.
By that time the market can make a serious estimation what she might and/or might not expect of the raisin-market worldwide..

Until then we guess we might stay on a high/higher level, specially where we speak about Thompson medium raisins, because from what we understand, stocks are very limited, these days.

In our next bulletin we hope to be able to give more exact figures about what the total of the South African crop has been in 2018.