1. A sampling procedure are followed for raisins at point of intake
  2. According to these samples, raisin quality and variety are known
  3. Then a grading procedure is followed on each 10th box per ED
  4. At this stage the following will be identified according to our specifications sheets
    • Berrycount
    • Damaged Berries
    • Sugared berries
    • Minor color
    • Major color
    • Blemished berries
    • Texture
    • Capstems
    • Embedded stalks
    • Foreign Material
    • Moisture
  5. The following are part of our quality control procedures
  • Contract Order
  • Bins list
  • QC Inspection Sheet
  • Non Conformance Report
  • QC OK – Stamp
  • Sample taking
  • Pre Shipment Report
  • Analytical Report
  • Certificate of Quality
  1. Once the certificate of Quality has been issued, PPECB inspects the container for approval for shipment

FACTORY 300x200 Quality