Dear Readers,

Rain, rain, everywhere etc.

The rain in South Africa,  meanwhile two weeks ago, had more impact and gave more damage than farmers expected in the beginning and has been  the main reason for further delay in the fieldwork. It means that before enough raisins, goldens as well as Thompsons, have been dried properly and filled up the warehouses, another fortnight is gone before, in general, the production of the new crop will start.

Automatically this means that the remaining time of packing goldens until Ramadan will start, gets even shorter than hoped for…..

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. Packers have to wait until enough A1 merchandise has been brought in and the latest news is that the quality, specially to make choice quality goldens, has suffered  quite a lot., which means that farmers will stick mainly to thompsons where the difference in price for them is quite small this year.

Looking at Thompsons is totally another story:  because the enquiries come  from different buyers. 

It is obvious, not only this season but  specially in the season before, that the total availability of Medium Thompsons is much bigger now than the goldens and the much smaller availability last year in California has increased price pretty strong. Whether this record-prices will be reached again during this season, time will learn and will depend on the new crop in California later this year.

Last week the fair in Dubai took place. We have been present as well. The general, overall impression, was that other competing countries, like India, Iran, Chile and others are rather aggressive in offering their Golden merchandise to the bigger buyers of this world.

In other words competition is there, which is good, but the only chance to be attractive to the buyers/consumers  is not simply said cheap and competitive prices but  QUALITY and once more QUALITY is the first and most important factor..