Golden Raisins

golden medium Golden Raisins

Golden Medium

golden bold Golden Raisins

Golden Bold

golden jumbo Golden Raisins

Golden Jumbo


General Specification

Moisture content : Product will have a moisture content of 14-17 % at time of packing

Oil Describtion: Sunflower seed  oil will be used at a ratio of 3 -5 ml to 1 kg fruite.

Appearance: Product will have a uniform light yellow to golden color. Product will be free flowing and not stick.

Flavour: Will have a sweet flavor that of sundried grapes

Odour: Free from rancid or foreign flavours or odours

Texture: Soft to firm fruit without any unduly hard particles.

Production Process: Sultana seeless grapes naturally sundried without any additives

Packing Packed: in 12.5 kg, 13.5 kg , 14kg,15kg or 10 kg boxes. inside box is a 50 mic plastic liner.

Infestation: Free from infestation or signs of revious infestation

Admixture: Product will be free from any potentially injurious particle of foreign matter, including glass, metal wood, plastic or other fragments.

Sulpher: Product will contain a maximum of 1500 ppm sulpher (SO2).

Edwin Goldens 0041 Golden Raisins

General description :This product will be made from South African Seedless Sultana Grapes seedless graes.The grading will be done on a 100 gram unless otherwise stated

Choice Grade : Laser sorted & Double Hand picked Standard Grade : Laser sorted & Double Hand picked Industrial Grade : Laser sorted & Double Hand picked
Minor Color Deviations 2% 5% n/a
Major Color Deviations 0% 2% n/a
Damaged Berries 2% 10% 20%
Major Texture Deviations 1% 5% n/a
Capstems 2% 4% 10%
Blemished Berries 5% 7% n/a
Sugared Berries 5% 7% n/a
Foreign Objects 2 per 1000 kg 2 per 1000 kg 2 per 1000 kg
Loose stalks 1 per 150 kg 3 per 15 kg 5 per 15 kg
Embedded stalks 3 per 15 kg 4 per 15 kg 6 per 15 kg
Sand (grit) mg / 200 gr 15 mg per 200 gr 15 15
Sulpher Dioxide max 2000 ppm max 2000 ppm max 2000 ppm
Jumbo –jumbo 70-100
Jumbo 100-130
Bold 130-230
Medium 230-290
Small 290-400
Midgets >400
Ochratoxin A 5 PPB
Aflatoxin max 2 PPB B1 and max 4 PPB sum of B1,B2,G1 and G2
Total Viable count <10000
E. coli Absent
Salmonella Absent
Molds & Yeasts <1000
Total Coliforms < 100