Dear Readers,

Because the new crop in Turkey is ready and the second biggest crop will be upcoming in California, its getting time to look seriously at both of them.

Upfront we can state already that the carrry-overs in both countries will hardly be there. That conclusion could have its direct influence in pricing.

With more than big carry-overs, together with enormous crops, the high prices of last year could not sustain.
However, in all, this is not the case, we found out!

Due to the above we might expect probably slightly lower price-levels but the decrease will be pretty slow, we conclude.
In this respect we are eager to know how things will develop in the coming season in South Africa.

Sofar we have been sharply looking at the development of crops in varous producing countries.

Now it is getting time to see what we may expect on the demand-side? From what we notice, the buyers of this sweet product are also there for late 2018 and the new crops in 2019.
It is not yet the right time to speak about prices because on buyers as well as sellers’ side, cards are kept close to bodies.
This has certainly more to do with the volatility of certain currencies rather than with the availability of raisins.

Of course packers cannot wait until the very end because when the farmers are at the point of delivery and machines will be started up again, the packers need orders.

On the other side of the chain we find the purchasers who cannot wait to the very end either because some packers will tell them :sorry we are fully booked already

In other words one day, sooner or later decisionS should have to be taken by both parties: Rightly or wrongly.

We will keep you posted.

regards TRC