Dear Readers,,


Rarely you will see, a last truck with raisins but overall, one can say that the crop is under cover..

We get the impression that everybody got his share.

Of course, one will have too many of goldens, whereas others, preferably had had some more Thompsons.

Prices of finished products have been the same now for a couple of months and it does not seem to change much in the coming period.

Neither have we seen very great swings as far as the Rand is concerned.

Nevertheless we get the impression that, generally speaking, there is a certain shortage, on the spot as well as for the enquiries we still may expect for the end of the year.
This will probably mean higher prices. Anyway there is no sight of a decline in the market.

As far as the total of the crop, tonnage-wise, is concerned we are under the impression that the final figure will stop at around 67.000 tons.
Speaking about the quality, everybody claims that the quality as such and overaall is surely better than the year before.
The vineyards take now a rest and so will the farmers. Time for us as well to be back in September/October, next.