Dear Readers,

The raisin-crop in South Africa is still looking good.

If nothing changes, the farmers will bring a nice load of raisins to the various packers
Of course there is still a fair amount of days to go before we can be sure that the crop will get into the warehouses., in good condition, that is to say: properly dried and nicely looking.

Normally, everybody is only asking what the crop will do but at the same token we should also realize that there is always competition. That is not bad: it keeps us sharp!!

This season, It is no secret any longer that California (our big opponent as far as Thompsons is concerned)
had a disappointing crop and with the conclusion of prices went up considerably.

Now, another factor is playin a big role and that is the currency. Because of the elections within the ANC, we have noticed quite a strong climb in the level of the South African Rand vs USdollar.
This means that we all have to deal with a totally different currency,-level for the weeks, months to come.

In other words, we have to realize that very quickly a situation can change.

Meanwhile, let us all enjoy the Christmas-Festivities and a glorious jump into the New Year.

We, from TRC, wish you all very fine Days and a Happy and Healthy start of the NEW YEAR.