Dear Readers,

Traditionally we go and see the new crop with our own eyes and this year we did that last week.

From what we noticed and having spoken to various farmers the crop looks great. At least sofar.

We can only say it again: if nothing unexpected will happen we will have a good crop not to say a bumper crop.

That is of course a good omen.

Specially where this year, the Thompson crop in California is so much smaller than normal and because of that we have seen prices risen strongly in the past two months.

Anyway, it is all looking promising for the South African raisin-crop but again… we should not forget that the Turkish supply is really good this year with still very low prices.

However, one should realize that those various qualities, not only from Turkey but of a lot more other countries are hard to compare to the Thompsons from Chile, South Africa or California.
We keep you informed!

As far as the current crop is concerned: South Africa is sold out!!!